Replete with Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties, CBD Skincare gathers Interest of Cosmetic Companies

The wide-ranging benefits of CBD for skin care, such as for anti-aging and acne control is key to the growth of CBD skincare market. Cannabidiol – as it is called by its FDA regulated name, has aroused interest of cosmetic companies due to its medical and therapeutic benefits. In addition, the growing number of studies endorsing the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD is strengthening its use for skin care. CBD skin care is also gathering steam due to the antioxidant properties of CBD. Furthermore, CBD is considered to reduce sensitivity of skin and various other problems related to it.

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The vast purported benefits of CBD in anti-aging formulations and anti-wrinkle formulations is a key factor fuelling the CBD skincare market. The demand for exotic cosmetic formulations attracts consumers for hemp-derived CBD formulations. Further, growing spending on appearances among individuals of all age groups is favoring the CBD skincare market. Lastly, spurt in interest of consumers in exotic plant-based cosmetic formulations is impelling the growth of CBD skincare market.

R&D for CBD-based Skin Formulations makes North America the frontrunner

North America is at the forefront in the CBD skincare market. Large R&D initiatives undertaken by cosmetic companies to understand therapeutic and medicinal value of CBD for skincare is a key factor behind supremacy of the region. Foray of several beauty brands in the region to introduce CBD-based formulations is a plus for the growth of CBD skincare market in the region. Moreover, a favorable regulatory viewpoint for the therapeutic use of CBD oil further strengthens growth prospects of the regional market.

Asia Pacific is expected to expand at a promising pace in the years ahead. Vast rise in spending on cosmetic formulations, and growing interest of consumers to try new products that are plant based is resulting in spurt in demand for CBD skincare in the developing countries of the region.

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