Remote Control Units to Expand in Developing Nations Attracting More Revenue

Remote terminal unit or RTU is an electronic device based out of microprocessor that are used in industrial control systems or ICS. This is done for connecting different hardware into supervisory control or distributed control systems (DCS) or data acquisition and supervisory control. Remote terminal units are also known as remote telecontrol units or remote telemetry units. The global market for remote terminal units is anticipated to grow significantly in the coming years owing to the rise in the number of power grids that are being installed and upgraded all over the developing economies of the world.

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The increasing population is creating a rise in power consumption rates and its rapidly increasing demand from various industries. The power industry has been facing a mismatch of supply-demand and this is projected to cause resentment in power. Moreover the rise of electrically operated vehicles has also resulted in adding an extra load on the distribution and transmission assets. A smart grid supplies two-way communication between the customers and its power utility. This is done using communication and information technologies. Real-time data can be accumulated by sensors in smart grids. The data that is collected then goes to the control station passing through the remote terminal units in a transmittable format.

Remote terminal units are basically used in industries like chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, and power. Among these, the oil and gas sector is projected to be dominating the overall market. Geographically, the market for remote terminal units is dominated by the Asia Pacific region and this is because of the initiative taken by developing countries of this region with regard to major projects of oil exploration.

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