Relentless Thrust of Medical Device Manufacturers to Bring Design Advancements boost Aortic Stent Grafts Market

San Francisco, California, January 24, 2019 : Aortic stent grafting has gained widespread traction in endovascular aneurysm repair for treating large proportion of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), among various types of infrarenal aortic aneurysms. The process mainly prevents abdominal aortic aneurysm from rupturing. Demand for endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) has gained momentum world over on account of their being less invasive than open surgical repair, and less recuperation period. In developed nations, notably the U.S., there has been rising number of patients undergone abdominal endovascular aortic repair. Regulatory agencies in these nations have reaffirmed the effectiveness of process. Several benefits witnessed in patient populations underlie the wide acceptance of aortic stent grafting.

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The global aortic stent grafts market is projected to rise at a promising single-digit CAGR during 2018–2028, according to a recent report by TMR Research. The rising morbidity and mortality of abdominal aortic aneurysm is a key factor propelling the demand for better non-invasive clinical treatment methods in the global healthcare sector. This factor is driving the market.

New avenues in the aortic stent grafts market are increasingly fueled by relentless thrust of medical device manufacturers to bring design advancements. This has become crucial in recent times in the face of rising incidence of complications after EVAR. Growing demand for secondary endovascular rescue measures or follow-up procedures tends to offset the advantage of aortic stent grafting over open surgery repair.

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Rising Device Applicability in Patients with Difficult Anatomic Features underpins New Frontiers

Market players are also focusing on increasing the durability of the process, and at the same time striving to reduce the perioperative mortality. The advent of aortic stent grafts that improves the applicability of EVAR in patients with complicated anatomic features has opened exciting and lucrative frontier. Such design innovations are also likely to pave way to next-generation aortic stent grafts. Growing number of clinical trials in this direction is likely to expand the market prospects.
Developed nations across the world will generate sizeable chunks of global revenues over the assessment period. The uptake is bolstered by the presence of favorable reimbursement scenario.

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