Regulations for Safety of Pharmaceutical Products underscores Growth for Cleanroom Lighting Market

The demand for cleanroom lighting stems from prerequisite of biologics manufacturing facilities, such as laboratories and pharmaceutical industries to maintain a controlled and contamination-free environment for product and patient safety.

Cleanroom lighting is made to serve environmental challenges of specialized areas. For example, hospitals, laboratories, and food production industry require a lighting solution that provides pure light with minimal pollutants to prevent contamination of products and the environment. Cleanroom lighting mostly uses high efficiency LEDs that saves energy and reduces operational cost.

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The cleanroom lighting market is witnessing benefits from rising demand for aseptic manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry and advancements in the medical device industry. Furthermore, increase in regulations in food processing and healthcare industries to prevent contamination of foods and medical supplies respectively is likely to fuel growth of cleanroom lighting market in the future.

High Cost of Air Filtering System challenges Demand

Meanwhile, in a cleanroom, lighting fixtures are designed to enable better air filtration and continue the laminar airflow in a pure environment. For such reasons, the air filtering system is most critical for construction of cleanroom environments. Cleanrooms either use high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or ultra low particulate air (ULPA) air filtering system depending on the function of the controlled environment.

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However, high cost of air filtering system creates challenges for demand of cleanroom lighting. This, in turn, is impeding the growth of cleanroom lighting market. Also, high cost associated with construction of cleanrooms holds back growth of cleanroom lighting market. Nonetheless, stringent regulations in developed countries for contamination-free environments of pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, and food production units continues to impel demand for cleanroom lighting. Powered by the U.S., North America is expected to continue to hold its dominance in the global cleanroom lighting market in the years ahead.

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