Regular Cycling to Help in Controlling Obesity Levels

Changes in lifestyle have always been the primary recommendation of medical practitioners to cure a number of diseases and disorders. Obesity is gradually becoming one of the common diseases that affects a large section of the population. A study conducted across seven cities in Europe shows that cycling could help in reducing the BMI, thus, preventing obesity. Hence, cycling has been recommended as a practical option to battle the problem of obesity across cities. Furthermore, an added advantage of cycling suggested by the researchers is the reduction in pollution levels of cities. The Sustainable Transport Approaches (PASTA) project points that daily cyclers weigh much lesser than non-cyclers of the same age group.

Basis of Results

The study has pointed that electric cycles should be discouraged and peddle bikes should be encouraged to ensure that people do enough physical work on a daily basis. The study has been published in the Environment International Journal and has pointed to key ways of bringing down the obesity index of cities. The study also showed an ascending order of BMI wherein cyclers had the lowest BMI while car drivers were seen to exhibit the highest BMI.


The research study considered around 2000 people in urban areas as a sample set to come to verifiable conclusions. It was found that people who shifted from cars to cycles for their daily commute underwent a reduction in their BMI; men had a greater decrease rate than women. The research has given a focal point the healthcare professionals and other experts who are engaged in improving the health standards of cities.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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