Raytheon’s Geospatial Solution to Monitor Coastal and Ocean Ecosystem from Space

Raytheon has started developing its littoral imaging and monitoring radiometer for NASA’s maiden hyperspectral imager in geostationary orbit. The geospatial solution is expected to monitor coastal and marine ecosystem from outer space. The company is developing this solution under the contract acquired from University of New Hampshire. Raytheon’s geostationary littoral imaging and monitoring radiometer is designed to provide information that can be helpful in maintaining the balance between human and coastal ecosystem. With the development of this solutions, various players of geospatial solutions market have also begun the development of solutions that can interpret the data collected from the sensors in to actionable insights for the respective businesses.

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According to Jeff Puschell, GLIMR Instrument Scientist, GLIMR will accumulate sharpest and most distinguished data on physical and biological in coastal waters. Saying this implies that the businesses who use geospatial data for their operations can conveniently engage themselves in better revenue generation. This product of global geospatial solutions market can also prvide crucial information about marine life to the researchers who studies the samples from the depth of the seas.

How the New Solution will Help the Businesses?

The new upcoming product in global geospatial solutions market shall provide the business leaders with the data that can help them prepare for and overcome and natural or manmade coastal disaster. It can monitor and alert the business about factors such as algae blooms and oil spills in lake or oceans. Moreover, the sensors in the solutions will provide, high-spatial, high-temporal, and high-sensitivity resolution images of the ocean and coastal ecosystem. That can help the businesses to plan their operations in accordance with current development in the ecosystem.

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Currently, the program is led by University of New Hampshire which is prominent organization for the contract of GLIMR. Although, the instrument is proposed to be launched by the end of 2026, the players of geospatial solution market are already buckled up for future endeavors.

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