Rapid Technological progress to Foster Growth of the Virtual Sensor Market

A virtual sensor refers to a variety of software that is capable of processing information in way a physical sensor does, provided the virtual sensor has all the required information available. A virtual sensor is capable of observing readings from many different instruments and is able to decipher the relationships that exist between various variables.

There are many different types of sensors available in the market that finds utilization in various types of applications. The global virtual sensor market is anticipated to observe growth in relentless technological advancement. Furthermore, widening scope of application of the product is likely to encourage growth of the global virtual sensor market in the forthcoming years.

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Deployment of Cloud Technology to Pave Way for Increased Adoption of Virtual Sensors

Virtual sensors are also known as soft sensors and are software-based solutions. These are developed utilizing several output readings of physical sensors as a mathematical model. These solutions are employed to get over the limitation of physical sensors. One single virtual sensor is able to make predictions about results on the basis of several parameters such as position, speed, pressure, and temperature. As such, these sensors are deployed more as an alternative solution to physical sensors due to the cost benefits. This factor is expected to propel growth of the global virtual sensor market over the period of assessment.

The cloud segment is likely to expand at a high rate of growth over the assessment tenure. Deployment of cloud technology has proven to be effective in helping businesses operate without the needs of a server infrastructure or a physical office location. Utilization of cloud technology assists in cutting down of the total ownership cost for the organization. It has further bettered the data storage capacities of various organizations, thereby paving way for expansion of the global virtual sensor market.

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On the other hand, virtual sensors together with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) have been taken up by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or process industry-manufacturers. Collectively these technologies allow designing of machinery sans the need for remote monitoring, process optimization, and design prototypes. Together these technologies allow delivery of data in the manufacturing plants on a timely basis. These benefits are anticipated to bolster the demand for virtual sensors.

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