Rapid Strides by Automation and Instrumentation Industry bolster Uptake of Level Transmitters

Level transmitters are extensively used in process industries for storage applications with liquids and solids. They are used in continuous level and interface measurement for the remote indication of liquid, powder or bulk level. Improvements in electrical output is closely correlated to electrical transmission output that level transmitters provide. Constant advances have been made in various sensor technologies, catalyzing demand in various end-use industries. Notable progress has come from improvements in radar, ultrasonic, displacers, potentiometric, and hydrostatic pressure. Wide range of technologies have emerged in the level transmitter market which has simplified the use of instrumentation.

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A key industry where there is consistent demand for high-quality level transmitters is oil and gas. Reliable instrumentation play an increasingly crucial role in the end-use industry and level transmitters offer continuous level measurement of fluids, thereby optimizing the operational processes. The advent of devices that can be used in diverse industrial applications is opening new avenues for players in the automation and instrumentation industry to cash in on in the global level transmitter market. Relentless research initiatives to enhance the reliability of level transmitter devices are also unlocking exciting potential for them in developed markets.

Demand for High-Performance Level Transmitters in Oil and Gas Industry Rising

The oil and gas industry is one of the major revenue generating applications, where the demand for high-performance level transmitters is increasing. The need for repeatable and continuous measuring with high accuracy in the end-use industry is paving way for new frontiers in the level transmitter market.

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Growing demand for better instrumentation in water supply and sewage industry is a key factor bolstering the demand for cost-effective, technologically-advanced level transmitters. Manufacturers are actively engaged in equipping new features in level transmitters to meet the wide diversity of demand in end-use industries. This also helps in meeting demanding applications. The recent unveiling of Bluetooth-enabled feature in a new radar level transmitter is a case in point. Radar technology is considered a technological advancement than ultrasonic sensors, especially in environments that cause variations in measurement.

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