Rapid Industrial Development Expands Global Control Valves Market

San Francisco, California, December 22, 2017 : Control valves essentially help in controlling and regulating pressure, viscosity, level of liquids, and other similar parameters through signals directed by the controllers. The global market for control valves is gradually evolving as a mega-business option due to the rapid growth of the power sector. TMR’S report titled, “Control Valves Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” elucidated the explosive demand for control valves across various sectors and analyzed the market dynamics. Control valves come in different forms namely, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, and manual that makes them pervade into multiple industries. Oil and gas exploration has been a deftly progressive activity which has unfurled new avenues of growth for the global control valves market. The oil and gas sector has commenced with the endowment of pipelines to efficiently handle fluids, which fuels the demand in the market. There is an increasing sensitivity towards controlling wastes and redundancies across a range of sectors such as power, electrical, oil and gas, and others, which has put control valves in the spotlight of demand.

Fluid handling has gained impetus across various sectors and a host of industries such as pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas, have resorted to the fluid handling technologies. The pharmaceuticals industry would greatly benefit from this deployment because the hygiene standards would take a forward leap following efficient fluid handling. This is expected to propel the market and induce trust amongst other industries to install control valves. Moreover, the oil and gas industry has been ambitiously investing in shale gas, which is escalating the demand for control valves.

Besides the extrinsic push given by various industries to the market for control valves, there intrinsic factors such as the development of customized control valves which is anticipated to bolster the market. Electric control valves have been a great stride that could magnify demand within the market. Furthermore, control valves that have a meagre impact on the environment are expected to gain prominence in the eyes of the manufactures due to governmental ordinances.

Although the trajectory of market growth for control valves seems fruitful, the decreasing oil and gas supplies consequent to diminishing reserves, is a daunting threat to the market. However, the food and beverage industry is expected to compensate for the loss to the oil and gas industry. There is an increasing toll of applications of control valves in the former. Animal feed and dairy are amongst other industries with a palpable presence of control valves.

The geographical outlay of the market for control valves manifests a heterogeneous picture. Asia Pacific is witnessing an optimistic growth pattern in the food processing sector, which is a silver lining for the market. Moreover, the arena of semiconductors and electronics has risen above the thresholds of growth to tend towards fruition. Due to the pervasiveness of this industry, the market prospects of growth are immensely high. In 2015, Asia Pacific boasted of a substantial market share and is expected to continue its streak of progress owing to aplomb infrastructural growth and investment proposals.

Contrary to the riveting growth in Asia Pacific, North America’s market has been on the sluggish side and its industries haven’t seen much fortune. However, several renowned players in the wastewater management, oil and gas, and power generation sector are making heavy investments towards control valves which is expected to turn the tables in North America.

A densely fragmented market along with an inclination towards mergers, alliances, and acquisitions, the global market for control valves is at the brink of cut-throat competition. Various players are adding new heads to their product portfolios, which would further consolidate the competitive landscape. Some of the major players in the market are Samson AG, IMI PLC, Pentair PLC.Emerson Electric Co., General Electric, Crane & Co., Metso, Flowserve Corporation, and Velan Inc.

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