Rapid Growth in Cosmetic Industry to Drive Zinc Pyrithione market Growth

The zinc pyrithione market has been anticipated to experience numerous growth avenues in the coming years. The growth impetuses in the global market are attributed to the increasing use of zinc pyrithione in cosmetic products. The bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties of zinc pyrithione have actually increased the importance of this ingredient in skincare formulations. This is because of its protective effect against infections of fungal. Thus, based on these factors, the zinc pyrithione market has been projected to grow at a rapid pace in the near future.

Various skin conditions, for instance, psoriasis and dandruff can be controlled easily with the application of zinc pyrithione due to its capacity to lower the production rate of novel skin cells. In addition to this, the threat that is posed by the increasing levels of pollution around the world is predicted to increase the application of skincare products. Thus, on the basis of these factors, the zinc pyrithione market is estimated to grow rapidly during the forecast period.


Zinc Pyrithione Market: Key Applications

Zinc pyrithione also finds application in the food and beverage industry in order to prevent the growth of microbial. Furthermore, the growing demand for packaged food has also been expected to bolster the growth prospects in the zinc pyrithione market.

There are a lot of non-food items that are made from organic materials, for example, leather materials, carpets, and mattresses, and these are prone to bacterial and fungal attacks. Thus, these factors are likely to create novel growth avenues in the zinc pyrithione market. Among various other applications, zinc pyrithione is commonly used as a pesticide. It is used to provide treatment against dermatological problems. Furthermore, the product has also been used in order to control psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and dandruff. Additionally, zinc pyrithione is also used as a preservative in numerous foods & beverages and non-food articles, for example, athletic flooring mats, plastic furniture, all coverings, cable and wire insulation, carpet fibers, carpet backings, and adhesives. Thus, these increased applications are likely to boost the zinc pyrithione market growth.   

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