Rapid Advancement in Underwater Concrete Market Techniques augurs Well for Marine Construction Activities

The market for underwater concrete has been witnessing constant stride in the construction industry, driven by advances in the various techniques employed. The operation of underwater concrete has been popularized in making structures that are immersed partially or fully in water and in subaqueous foundations, notably dams, bridges, and pools. It ensures resistance against concrete washout and has a noticeably high slump value, further made strong with the help of various anti-washout admixtures. The tremie concrete placement method had emerged as a popular method under underwater concrete. Improvements in the method has led to the emergence of pumping technique, which gets over the drawbacks of the tremie method and present potential benefits in difficult to access areas.

The concrete mix present in underwater foundation structure should identically contain high percentage of cementitious materials to help underwater concrete realize its full potential. Improvements in methods of implementation and advances in concrete mix design are notable factors expanding the horizon of the market. According to estimates by Transparency Market Research, the global underwater concrete market is poised to rise at a healthy clip during the assessment period of 2017–2025.

Which trends drive the demand for underwater concrete techniques?

The adoption of high- quality and strength raw materials in the concrete mix in the construction industry is a key factor bolstering the demand for underwater concrete techniques. The rising need for high performance concrete admixtures to make underwater placing of the concrete effective is a significant factor boosting the market. The growing use of aggregates raw materials with superior binding attributes has catalyzed the application of underwater concrete techniques. The growing share of recycled aggregates in the concrete mixture has also aided in the rapid expansion of the market.

The rising popularity of Portland cement has positively affected the adoption of underwater concrete techniques. The advent of better anti-wash technologies for ensuring robust protection against cement washout even in turbulent water conditions is a favorable development bolstering the uptake of underwater concrete techniques. The substantial demand for concrete in various repair and maintenance activities in marine structures, such as bridges and dams, in emerging nations has provided a boisterous boost to the demand for underwater concrete.

Sizeable government spending on promoting the adoption of renewable hydro energy bodes well for underwater concrete market. In various developing and developed regions, there is significant rise in the construction of swimming pools for residential users. This trend is also accentuating the growth if the global market.

Pan-United Corp, a Singapore-based multinational corporation is making significant advances in the construction industry in the nation with its eco-friendly ready-mixed concrete. The family-owned business is making sizeable investments in research and development, which will pace way for underwater concrete application in the coming years. In addition, as Finance Minister of Singapore recently stated in 2018b that the efforts of the company are laudable and will lead to innovative products in the global market.

Which geographic regions witness massive utilization of underwater concrete operations?

On a geographical front, developed nations of the North America and Europe are likely to witness extensive demand for underwater concrete. The substantially rising construction of hydropower plants supported by governments of countries such as the U.K., U.S., Germany, and Denmark is a noteworthy trend fueling the growth of the overall market.

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Regions such as Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa are home to extensive demand for underwater concrete. A burgeoning construction industry, especially in the economies of the MEA, is fueling the use of underwater concrete. The swift pace of industrialization in economies such as India and China, is a notable trend accentuating the demand for underwater concrete operations.

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