Radiofrequency Ablation Gains Demand with Increasing Spinal Conditions

San Francisco, California, February 21, 2018 – The global radiofrequency ablation market is envisaged to gain impetus because of the swelling incidence of spinal conditions, especially among people living in urban areas. Developed economies commonly offer healthcare programs backed by their governments. This could bode well for the rise of the market since there could be a decent demand for radiofrequency ablation in the healthcare industry. A report by TMR Research provides a thorough evaluation of key aspects of the market to help recognize the best of business opportunities. It is titled “Radiofrequency Ablation Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

There has been a rising incidence of not only spinal but also shoulder problems among the urban population. An increasing count of urban people committed to sedentary jobs could be a major reason for such health problems growing at a rapid rate. Thus, the increasing adoption of sedentary lifestyles in developed and also emerging countries is predicted to raise the requirement of radiofrequency ablation in the coming years. The world radiofrequency ablation market could ensure a safe growth trajectory with the increasing reliance on the analgesic procedure to reduce muscle tension and pain. Moreover, the minimally invasive nature of radiofrequency ablation is expected to further improve its adoption.

Since radiofrequency ablation is minimally invasive, it assures safety from microbes and other environmental contaminants. This makes the procedure altogether more convenient for patients and doctors as well. In this regard, the rising trend of minimally invasive procedures could create a strong demand for radiofrequency ablation. In the foreseeable future, the development of cancer therapeutics is envisioned to be helped with the adoption of radiofrequency ablation. Metastatic sarcomas and other types of cancer have been frequently treated with the attempt of using radiofrequency ablation because of its minimally invasive characteristic.

If the application of radiofrequency ablation is established in cancer treatment, the global market could expect a steady growth in the near future. North America is one region that has long been exhibiting its strong government support and ready accessibility to advanced healthcare infrastructure. This could help the region to demonstrate its dominance in coming years. Another factor that is envisaged to set the tone for a dominating growth of the regional market is the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.

In the recent years, a number of countries in Latin America have introduced healthcare development programs on a large scale. This could be a reason for the decent consumption of radiofrequency ablation in the developing region. As a result, Latin America is also expected to be a significant region of the market. Nonetheless, Asia Pacific could considerably contribute toward the growth of the international radiofrequency ablation market with China and India being at the forefront. This region has been investing steadily in the healthcare industry due to the growing awareness about the requirement of technologically sophisticated equipment.

Leading manufacturers readily participating in taking efforts to market radiofrequency ablation could benefit adoption at large. Healthcare distributors could make radiofrequency ablation as a primary choice due to the convenience offered by the devices. Furthermore, indirect sales to hospitals and doctors due to successful promotion of radiofrequency ablation are projected to attract growth in the market. Thus, constant efforts taken by prominent industry names could be crucial for market growth in the near future. The market features leading competitors such as Medtronic, Stryker, and Boston Scientific.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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