Quartz Crucible Market : Wide Variety of Application to Bolster Market Demand

Transparency Market Research comes with a brand new market intelligence report titled “Quartz crucible Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” and it makes an exploration and study of the international vendor landscape of the quartz crucible market. Taking cue and assistance from an elaborate market insight, this study of quartz crucible makes an offering of an all-inclusive evaluation of the market for quartz crucible. The research further gauges the ongoing scenario of the said market. Based on all the likely and optimistic situations, the report also makes an evaluation of the growth prospects of the market for quartz crucible that might emerge in the years to come. The study report also underscores the current trends that are present in the international market for quartz crucible together with its macro and micro economic directives.

Quartz crucible refers to a bowl shaped vessel or receptacle that is made from high purity quartz glass through the method of arc fusion. Quartz crucible can stand high temperature, as such, it is utilized in processes of high heat for melting or calcining pigments, glass, and metals. Quartz crucible makes an offering of excellent thermal insulation, as such, it is extensively employed in the semiconductor and solar industries. The standard size of quartz crucible varies between from the range of 10 inches to 36 inches.

Being the main source of silica, quartz is utilized in many of the applications such as manufacture of refractory, ceramics, and glass materials. The industry of semiconductor has enacted stringent regulations pertaining to the purity of quartz. Therefore, there is a need for high purity quartz ware such as quartz crucible in single crystal silicon growth. Silicon wafers that are obtained from highly pure single crystal silicon ingots are free from crystalline defects. Thus, the
rise in requirement for high purity quartz in advanced high-tech semiconductor applications is likely to impact the demand for quartz crucibles positively in the next few years to come. 

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Taking regional segments into consideration, the world market for quartz crucible can be divided into the geographies of North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The region of Asia Pacific is one of the main regions of the world market for quartz crucible. India and China account for major share of the said market in Asia Pacific. China has been dominating the said market since the last few years. East China is anticipated to be one of the leading producers of quartz crucibles, that is followed by North China, over the period of forecast period.

Some of the major players which are operating in the world market for quartz crucible comprise names such as Zhonghuan, Ningbo Boost, Lianyungang Sunlight, Vesuvius, Ferrotec Solutions, Lianyungang Sunlight, The Quartz Corp, Solar Cera Co., Ltd., Huaer, Quartz Scientific, Inc., Advalue Tech, Jinglong, Huaer and Saint-Gobain.

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