Public Health Interventions Improving Burn Care in Low-Income Countries

The burn care market has witnessed considerable strides in recent years. The standard of care has seen large progress touching every aspect of the care: intensive care management, surgical process, and managing post burn sequelae. These advances have been witnessed mostly in developed or developing economies.

However, in low- and middle-income nations, burns still are considered significant health crisis in various parts of the world, pointing toward vast unmet need in the burn care market. The scenario is fast changing. More education and public health interventions in these economies are spearheading the change.

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Better Sepsis Control Management to Improve Burn Care Outcomes

In the developing world, several technological advances have shaped the contours of the burn care market significantly. Numerous developments have been witnessed in fluid resuscitation technologies, nutritional support, and sepsis control management in patient populations over the past few years. These advancements have improved the survival rates of patients with severe burn care.

In majority of burn cases, care has advanced on the back of the adoption of ventilatory strategies with the key focus on saving lungs in patients. In this regard, it is essential to identify Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

Another fast evolving area in the burn area market is the focus of clinicians and caregivers on sepsis control and nutrition. This is particularly relevant in paediatric patients. Advances in enteral feeding have helped improve the burn care outcome in such patients. Advanced sepsis control has mandated the need for improving systemic antibiotic therapies to an extent that they can control infections by multi- drug resistant organisms.

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Adoption of better markers for burn care has facilitated this. In a few indications, steroid administration has shown some promise; however, the approach is still in preliminary stage. Further, growing demand for better skin grafting technologies will open new avenues in the burn care market.

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