Protocol Conversion Gateway Market Rides High on Growing Opportunities

The protocol conversion gateway market players sell various devices which convert various protocols. These devices are used by a wide range of industries including Transmission & Distribution, Power Generation, Automation, Oil & Gas, AMR, Utilities, and Remote Monitoring applications. Routers used in these industries deploy standard as well as special protocols to exchange information. Most of information exchanged through these protocols is in relation to events, data messages, time synchronization, and commands.

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With the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the protocol conversion gateway market is expected to receive a major boost. The current devices in the protocol conversion gateway market on offer would also require to undergo technological improvements to latch onto major trends related to IoT. However, lack of standard protocol mechanism and robust evolution of technological devices promises numerous opportunities for all players in the global protocol conversion gateway market.

Automation Propels the Protocol Conversion Gateway Market

Automation is changing operations in vast number of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, power generation, and many more. Automation requires the use of sensors and relies on robust signal interaction to drive efficiency and productivity in operations. Additionally, due to worldwide initiatives such as smart cities, automation is expected to become a key part of large programs like traffic management, energy consumption, and general interconnectedness. This is expected to create several opportunities for the protocol conversion gateway market.

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Facebook Instagram Messenger Service Outage

On Feb 14, Instagram and Facebook messenger experienced an outage and resulted in service shutdown for many users. Protocol conversion gateway services rely on network operators to send correct signals. Guiding internet traffic globally requires reliance on border gateway protocol (BGP). However, errors do take place. The consequence of this can be major for large companies as Facebook and Instagram discovered recently. Regular outages like these can force the protocol conversion gateway market players to root for uniform protocols across the board.

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