Protein Cookies Market to Gain with Increase in Number of Health Conscious People

Cookies are one of the most preferred bakery products consumed across worldwide. They are known for their sweet and crispy flavour. However, the cookies market is hampered due to shift in consumer eating choice. Now a day’s people prefer healthy food as compared to desserts owing to rising health consciousness among the people. To overcome this, players in the cookie market are trying several innovative approaches. One of this is launch of protein cookies, these are rich in protein. Thus it is widely consumed by the health conscious people. The rising preference of protein cookie over normal cookies is a prominent factors expected to drive the global protein cookie market. Likewise, there are several other factors which may interest people looking to study growth in the protein cookie market.

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• Protein cookies can into limelight owing to several innovations done by the players in the flavour, taste, shape, and packaging. This is expected to boost prospects of protein cookie market in the coming few years. For instance, in September 2017, NuGo Nutrition, a key player in the cookie market launched a gluten-free and soy-free vegan pea protein cookie. These cookies are rich in protein and has less sugar contain in every package. This is expected to offer a significant boost to the protein cookie market.

• Players are marketing cookies as an anytime snack and hence they are offering oats based cookies to attract health conscious individual. This will increase the demand for protein cookies market.

• Along with this, blooming ecommerce industry and rising penetration of internet in consumers life are the two strong factors expected to propel the protein cookie market in the coming few years. Players are supplying cookies through online distribution channels. This is expected to fuel the growth of protein cookie market in the coming few years.

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