Propanil Market to Rise on the Back of Growing Demand for More Food Production

Propanil refers to a popular herbicide that is extensively utilized for the purpose of tank mixtures. Propanil is basically a chemical known for its use on paddy crop as herbicide. It is a contact herbicide, which is generally used on plants and foliage grown above the ground. Propanil is also a selective herbicide that causes no damage to rice but it could cause harm to other crops or plants. It is a chemical that assists in the neutralization and inhibition of growth of unwanted plants in paddy fields. The global propanil market is expected to witness growth due to its increasing use in the agriculture sector.

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Propanil is usually applied in the form of a suspension or an aqueous spray. By hampering the growth of weeds and thus improving the quality of rice crop. Propanil builds up toxic substance inside the weeds, thereby gradually killing the plant.

High Demand for Propanil in Paddy Cultivation to Spur Market Growth

In the agricultural sector, herbicides have very high demand, as it is extremely important for the protection of crops from infections caused by fungus. Such infections often adversely affect the growth of crops. Use of herbicides on crops makes sure that the threats posed by weeds do not affect the crop yields. An increasing demand for higher production of food despite the availability of limited arable land is likely to support growth of the global propanil market over the period of analysis.

Furthermore, presence of diversified food preferences is another growth factor that is driving the demand for propanil. Of all crops, paddy is one crop that makes the most use of propanil. Rice has very high demand across the Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific, which is likely to play an important role in the development of the propanil market in these regions.

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