Proliferation of Technology to Propel Food Traceability Market

San Francisco, California, January 23, 2019 :  The ability to identify and validate different stages in the food chain, from production to distribution, involves food traceability (tracking technologies). It consists of an identification of the source and destination of the food from which it is shared with various end users. This system is essential to food research and is critical in the global trade in food, because multi- ingredient foods include food chain & country materials. This makes importers reliant on other countries ‘ traceability systems up to their imports. RFID, barcode, biometrics, infrastructure and GPS are some of the world’s key technologies for food traceability. These technologies are applied in various types of food products and at various stages of the food movement.

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Demand from Developing Regions to Boost Growth

In the near future, the global market in food traceability will grow with the growth of applications in various industries, for example in logistics, packaging, storage, retail and handling. The major factors expected to increase growth of the global food traceability market over the following years, include technological advances and the growing number of product recalls and trace contamination. Another factor that will promote the growth of the general market in the coming years is the increasing demand for food traceability technologies from developing countries, legislative framework and cost reductions.

Market at Nascent Stage but to See Expedited Growth

The global market for food traceability is at an emerging stage and has huge potential to increase in the coming years. New and innovative technology launches persist as key market players in order to maintain the marketplace in untapped markets and expand their facilities.

Key players in the global food traceability market are Merit-Trax Technologies Inc., Picarro Inc., Motorola Solutions, A2B Tracking Solutions, and BM Corp.

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