Proliferation of E-Commerce to Boost Delivery Robots Market

Delivery robots transport, deliver or ship products from one location to another by using onboard GPS and connectivity, or any other communication technology. This may include transport or delivery of food, courier, or any other supplies. These robots are equipped with sensors, motors, and GPS. Need for speedy and efficient deliveries drives the global delivery robots market.

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Rising Automation to Drive Delivery Robots Market

Delivery robots can now navigate to a customer’s address independently. Self-supply robots can feel their environment and learn from them at the same time. Marble Robot Inc. is one of the US-based robots manufacturers. Yelp Eat 24, the leading US food supplier, has teamed up with Marble to supply food to selected San Francisco neighborhoods. FedEx has recently announced that it plans to start testing its own autonomous delivery robot in Memphis, Tennessee. And while in addition to the above-mentioned delivery bot testing is underway, the entry into the US self-driving area by the pre-eminent delivery service is a milestone. Such innovations are expected to create a positive impact on the global delivery robots market in the coming years.

North America Forecasted to be Leading Regional Market

In the coming years North America will have the biggest share of the market for delivering robots due to various research programs supported by the governments of North American countries. It has invested millions of dollars in research projects on robotics, the majority of which involve defense projects. Many manufacturer robot delivery companies, like Robby Technologies (US) and BoxBot (US), have been based in North America. Companies in this region support sophisticated and adequate street infrastructure, for instance, proper design and a sufficiently broad sidewalk and footbridge.

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Leading vendors operating in the global delivery robots market are Eliport, Amazon Robotics, Nuro, Robby Technologies, and Starship Technologies.

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