Proliferation of Chemical Industry pushes Growth of Global Acetic Acid Market

The global acetic acid market is rising steadily on the back of growth of the chemical industry. Acetic acid is a colorless, pungent-smelling liquid with a large number of applications in the chemical industry. For commercial applications, acetic acid is mostly manufactured synthetically. However, a small percentage of acetic acid for commercial applications is also produced by bacterial fermentation.

Acetic acid also finds use in the processing of some group of chemical compounds such as cellulose acetate and polyvinyl acetate.

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In addition, acetic acid is increasingly finding applications in other industries. This is serving to augur the growth of global acetic acid market.

Below are some key facts pertaining to the global acetic acid market. Players operating in this market can leverage these facts to formulate winning growth strategies;• Growth of the medical industry is serving to boost the acetic acid market. Acetic acid is administered in regulated amounts as an effective treatment for tumors. Moreover, the antiseptic properties of acetic acid is leading to its increased medicinal use.
• The proliferation of the chemical industry is indirectly fueling the acetic acid market. The use of acetic acid to manufacture vinegar has led to voluminous growth of the acetic acid market. This is because vinegar finds extensive application in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
• Safety consideration with respect to handling of acetic acid is limiting its use. Chemical industries are increasingly seeking alternatives that are relatively safer than acetic acid. In addition, ambience temperature and pressure requirements to maintain the state of acetic acid is another factor limiting its applications.
• Asia Pacific has emerged as a key market for acetic acid in the recent years. The expansive growth of the chemical industry in India and China, and the region being home to several key vendors makes it a prominent one. North America and Europe are some other key regions for acetic acid.

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