Progression of High Speed Railways fosters Demand in Track Geometry Measurement System Market

The track geometry measurement system market is rising steadily and is poised to continue to do so in the future. At present, technology is making inroads aiding expansion of rail networks that serves as an economic means of transportation in several parts of the world. However, expanding rail networks that are used to transport millions of passengers every year need to undergo required safety and quality checks to prevent mishaps and accidents. This is what track geometry measurement systems do.

Essentially, track geometry measurement system is used to gauge railway track conditions. Track geometry measurement system provides precise information of track conditions to schedule short-term as well as long-term maintenance. Such insights of rail track conditions play a crucial role to prevent rail accidents during service.

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In developing countries, government plans for development of economic and safe means of transportation is resulting in progression of high speed railways. High speed railways undergoes several layers of quality checks at various stages for minimal risk of accidents or breakdown during service.

As such, Asia Pacific is predicted to display robust growth in the geometry track measurement system market in the forthcoming years. Rapid economic development in countries such as China and India, wherein expansion of rail networks is an important element holds promise for the growth of geometry track measurement system market in the region.

In developed countries, hefty investments for repairs of old railway networks is indirectly benefitting vendors in the track geometry measurement system market. The contract between Transport of London and Balfour Beatty for renewal of London Underground track is a case in point. Such initiatives fosters growth of track geometry measurement system market in developed countries.

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Among a slew of configurations in the track geometry measurement system market, inertial-based track geometry measurement system is rising in popularity mainly because of its compactness and lightweight. This, along with accurate evaluation of rail track geometry is leading to increasing adoption of inertial-based track geometry measurement systems.

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