Products with Mix of Convenience and Health to Shape Savory Snacks Market’s Contours

Savory Snacks Market

The savory snacks market has witnessed some new interesting paradigms. The snacking industry overall has witnessed in populations adopting savory snacks as a part of daily snacking routines. Inclination toward healthy snacking in discerning consumers has opened new avenues in the savory snacks over the past few years. The drive for snacks with less oil, low carb value, and those that are high on nutrients—notably protein—has helped in the continuous evolution of the savory snack market.

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Perhaps the most distinct trend in savory snacks market has been stimulated the proposition of convenience. Most advances in the snacking industry have been motivated by the grab-and-go factor. The quotient has further gathered steam among consumers, especially office-goers. More importantly, this trend has been attracted attention of food companies. The drive has been so intense that the concern being put forth that lack of nutrients may offset the benefit of convenience, opines experts. This has cast aspersions on the list of purportedly healthy savory snacks.

Products with Novel Sensory Properties Gather Steam

However, growing numbers of food companies aiming to allure consumers are capitalizing on snacks with novel sensory properties. To this end, they have been incorporating the flavors of variety of fruits and vegetables. The incorporation of healthy fruits such as Avocado and even meat has also attracted several urban consumers. Most notably they have harped on the hunger-satisfying property of savory snacks. Other attributes that define the trajectory of new product development are brand recall value, distribution chain, and promotion. One of the trends that have gathered traction is their increased shelf-value in hypermarkets and supermarkets.

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Among the various regional markets, North America is a potentially lucrative market. This is offering large impetus from the growing trend of healthy snacking. Europe is also a promising market. However, the highest propensity among consumers for snacking is also bolstering the prospective demands in Asia Pacific.

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