Prevalence of Common Skin Problems to Drive Acne Keloidalis Treatment Market

Outbreak of coronavirus has led to companies concentrating on of several different leading biopharmaceuticals towards developing a cure. That has impacted acne keloidalis treatment market. There was a cut down in production activities because of the lockdown issued in different countries impacting the global acne keloidalis treatment market. There was a marked decline in hospital visits and treatment adoption rate having significant impact restraining acne keloidalis treatment market growth.

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Acne keloidalis is a type of chronic skin condition caused because of the inflammation of hair follicle. Acne keloidalis usually occurs as an itchy bump at the back of the head or nape of the neck. Acne keloidalis can happen due to close shaving, chronic infections, and allergy from certain medications or genetic mutations. Acne keloidalis can develop from surgery, piercing, vaccination, burn injury, or trauma. Acne keloidalis is more common in dark-skinned people than white ones.                      

It is diagnosed by the emergence of papules, scars and pustules on the occipital area of the scalp. Acne keloidalis treatment options include medication, laser therapy or surgery depending upon the severity of the condition. According to the British Skin Foundation, acne keloidalis is common among African men with a higher prevalence rate.

Emergence of e-Commerce Pharma Sale is Helping Market Growth

Corticosteroids is the most common drug type in acne keloidalis treatment market. Over-the-counter type of drugs contributes the majority of revenue for acne keloidalis treatment market. Whereas, based on dosage form cream and gel hold a majority of revenue share in acne keloidalis treatment market. The topical route of administration is most common in acne keloidalis treatment market followed by the oral route of administration. Retail pharmacies is the leading distribution channel in acne keloidalis treatment market with majority sale of over-the-counter medicine. Online pharmacies will observe significant growth rate in the coming decade with increased adoption of e-commerce in acne keloidalis treatment market.

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