Prevalence of Cancers Across the Globe to Bolster Demand Within Global CA Tumor Testing Market

The global market for CA tumor marker testing is expanding on account of the rising prevalence of cancers amongst a large section of the population. A report added by the researchers at TMR titled ‘CA Tumor Markers Testing Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2023’ expounds several forces operating in the global market. Tumor markers are biomarkers present in urine, blood, or blood tissues, and the presence of cancer in the body can elevate these markers. Tumor marker testing is used in the field of oncology to detect the presence of cancers, thus, popularizing these markers in the healthcare sector. However, the elevation of the markers is not indicative of cancer in all cases, and other factors may also lead to the elevation.  There can be different types of tumor markers in the body, and each of them corresponds to a specific diseases process. The tumor cells as well as the non-tumor cells have the ability to produce tumor markers in response to the presence of tumor in the body. Tumor market assays along with ultrasonography, mammography, resonance imaging, tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging can be used for the treatment of the cancer. However, the most apt diagnosis to confirm the presence of cancers in biopsy only.

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One of the most alarming factor for the healthcare industry is the high prevalence of cancers across the globe. This has necessitated the presence of a robust healthcare infrastructure and effective treatment mechanisms to diagnose and cure cancers. Hence, the market for CA tumor market testing is projected to surge ahead over the coming years as the healthcare sector adopts a multifaceted approach to deal with the abysmal health conditions. Furthermore, several non-communicable disorders can also be detected with the help of tumor markers, thus, making it imperative for practitioners to have ample knowledge about these biomarkers. The geriatric population coupled with the rising awareness amongst the masses about cancers is projected to gross in positive revenues for the market. In recent times, the healthcare sector is exhibiting a propensity to invest in bettering their diagnostic services and technologies. This is also a positive sign for the global market and is anticipated to add to market growth. Genetic predisposition and cellular response are amongst other biological processes that can determined with tumor markers.

The large number of cancer patients in North America relative to other regions is expected to give supremacy to the region in terms of market share. Moreover, the healthcare infrastructure of North America also supports the market for CA tumor markers testing.

The market for CA tumor marker testing is characterized a highly fragmented competitive landscape due to the presence of several small-, medium-, and large market players. Abbott Laboratories, Dickinson and Company, and Becton are some of the leading players in the market.

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