Pressing Need to Find Cures for Cancers Bolsters Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics Market

Global non-invasive cancer diagnostics market is expected to ride along a positive growth path in the coming years. This owes to the concerns raised by the medical fraternity with regards to the treatment of cancers that have been rising across the globe. Non-invasive modes of diagnosis that identify diseases without causing incisions on the body include biomarkers, study of genetic structures, and identification of changes in molecular biology. Cancer causes alteration of the genetic structure, thus, leading to uncontrolled growth of the cancer cells within the body. The non-invasive diagnosis techniques have gained popularity amongst the people as well the medical practitioners. A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) sheds light on the dynamics that will play a key role in deciding the fate of the market over the coming years. The market titled ‘Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2023’ analyses the factors that propel or hinder growth of the market. Furthermore, the opportunities that rest in the market have also been enunciated in the report.

Cancer is amongst the most adverse diseases and has a very high rate of instance across the globe. It is extremely vital to diagnose cancers at an early stage in order to minimize its severity. The growing awareness amongst the people about cancers has generated an awakening to get regular tests and checkups. This has been a prudent factor that proliferates growth within the market.

The global market for non-invasive cancer diagnostics is segmented across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the world. The high awareness quotient in the North America and Europe is expected to contribute to the prominence of the regional markets. Asia Pacific is also expected to show a proclivity towards non-invasive cancer diagnosis in the coming years.

Some of the key market players are Roche Diagnostics, Affymetrix Inc,Quidel, DiagnoCure, Precision Therapeutics, Compugen, Digene Corporation,Abbott Molecular, GE Healthcare, and Immunicon Corporation.

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