Prepeg Market | Current Insight with Future Aspect Analysis

Prepreg is a composite fibrous material, pre-infused with synthetic resin, and used in making reinforced plastics. Since prepregs have control of consistency, good quality, and laminate thickness, their requirements in automotive parts, aerospace components, and aircraft interiors are surging. The growth in automotive sector can boost the utilization of prepreg owing to the use of tow prepreg in the manufacturing of CNG cylinders in automobiles.

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Market players constant focus on composite advancements to drive market

There is a huge demand for prepreg composites in aerospace applications owing to its ability to dampen the effects of vibration in the aircraft and the superior strength-to-weight ratio of prepregs. Carbon prepregs are surging in demand because they are used to restore their metal counterparts and manufacture their interior and exterior forms. Additionally, their stiffness, high strength, and heat and chemical resistivity are being utilized in various end-use industries in the prepregs market.

Considering the current increase in the defense budget and the revival of the global security threats, there is an upsurge in expenditure on specific military equipment. The demand for various prepreg materials is likely to grow steadily in the aerospace industry. Further, the expanding applications of prepregs in military applications will provide a growth possibility for the market players.

The manufacturers in the aerospace industry have turned towards the carbon prepregs to save the cost of raw materials and reduce weight. Carbon prepregs are being considered for manufacturing primary structural components such as wing boxes and fuselage panels. A prominent carbon prepreg company, Teijin, aims to develop intermediate materials like thermoplastic prepreg and cost-effective carbon fibres to meet the needs of advanced composites in various manufacturing industries.

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Geographically, the prepreg market in North America is likely to witness a substantial growth owing to the increase in investment in the development of advanced prepregs. These will further be used in the industrial sectors, which will lead to an increase in the consumption of prepregs in the near future.

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