Preference for Healthy Lifestyle Fuels Demand for Smoothies

Over the years, the eating habits and dietary choices of humans have evolved. Nowadays, consumers prefer natural and organic products, such as fruits and vegetables, in their food. Several variants of fruits and vegetable-based dishes, such as juices, salads, and smoothies, have gained a permanent place in everyone’s daily diet. According to TMR Research, the global smoothies market is expected to gain significantly in the near future. The increasing health consciousness among consumers is reflecting positively on the demand for smoothies across the world.

In this blog post, researchers at TMR Research are answering some important queries related to the global smoothies market:

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What are the key trends in the global smoothies market?

The first trend in the global smoothies market is the increasing preference for healthy living among consumers, worldwide. With degrading environmental level and alarming rise in pollution, people across the world are continuously being surrounded with a number of diseases and infections. To overcome these situations, people need greater immunity, which is why they have turned to natural and more nutritional food products.

The busy lifestyle of consumers is another important factor that is fuelling the demand for smoothies across the world. People, nowadays, do not have time to relish a complete meal, owing to which, they have to look for food that are easy to prepare, full of nutrients, and could be consumed on the go.

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How is the smoothies market performing across various regions?

The global smoothies market is led by North America. With a large number of health conscious people, the U.S. has surfaced as the most prominent contributor to the smoothies market across the world. The Asia Pacific region is also witnessing a high growth rate in its smoothies market, thanks to the western influence. The ample availability of fruits and veggies in this region is another important factor behind its substantial growth.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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