Precision Forestry Market: Need to Curb illegal logging and deforestation to Boost Prospects

Advanced technologies such as IoT, industry automation and cloud computing have improved several industry sector. Right from manufacturing to agriculture every industry is experiencing revolution owing to the advent of advanced technologies. However, from some reasons forestry remained untouched with advanced technologies for several years.

One reason behind the delayed start of precision forestry could be stringent governmental regulations. However, now precision forestry market has finally started shaping up. Some of the prominent factors expected to play a significant role in the growth of the precision forestry market are mentioned as below, have a look-

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• Convenience offered by the cut to length based harvesting technology in reducing the time wood logging is a prominent factor expected to drive the global precision forestry market in the coming few years.

• In addition, this, rising demand for biological product derived from plant fount in specific forest is another factor projected to boost the precision forestry market. This is another factor expected to fuel the growth of the precision forestry market.

• However, incompatibility of precision forestry to meet requirements of large-scale commercial forests is a strong factor likely to impede the growth of the global precision forestry market. For instance, the technology is still suffering to cover forestry region in South America, Europe and North America. Further, remote and rugged terrain are some other expected to hamper prospects of the precision forestry market.

• Nevertheless, factors like increasing mechanization of forestry operation, decreasing cost of advanced monitoring and surveillance technologies and growing demand for forestry products are some other factors

• In addition to this, surge in construction activities, growing timber from sawmills, effective measures to curb illegal logging and deforestation are some other factors likely to drive the global precision forestry market in the coming few years.

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