Powering of Human Movement Now Possible to Measure Using Future Wearable Device

A new research has been said to tell whether your tendons could be ready for physical action again after they have faced an injury. Jack Martin, a graduate from University of Wisconsin-Madison and Darryl Thelen, mechanical engineering professor in the same university along with a team of researchers have developed a technology that could help measure tendon tension non-invasively while you are running, walking, or involved in any other physical activity. Other researchers are expected to achieve insights into human movement mechanics and motor control using this new approach. Study authors have explained more about the approach in Nature Communications that published their paper on April 23, 2018.

New System to Help Plan Musculoskeletal Disease and Gait Disorder Treatments

In order to overcome the challenge of today’s wearables not being able to record information about muscle forces that generate movement, a non-invasive, simple device has been developed by the research team that could be effortlessly mounted on a tendon’s skin. By just looking at the change of the tendon’s vibrational characteristics during the loading process as in during movement, researchers could examine tendon force. The team has figured out how to measure the vibrational characteristics, and also how the measurement could be put to use to spot the tensile stress within the tendon.

A new system built by the researchers to measure wave speed is said to be relatively inexpensive and portable. A mechanical device included in the system taps the tendon 50 times every second, where each tap sets a wave into motion in the tendon. The travel speed of the wave is determined by two miniature accelerometers.

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