Power Substation Automation and Integration Market fuel by rising adoption of smart grid infrastructures

The global market for power substation automation and integration is presumed to be creating wonders in terms of drawing revenue in the coming years due to the installation and implementation of small grid infrastructures in and around all developing nations. Substation Automation is the process of using data from IED or Intelligent Electronic Devices and to control the automation capabilities within the particular substation. This is done by controlling the commands from remote users to have control over power-system devices. Power system automation is the process of automatically controlling power system with the help of controlling devices and instrumentation.

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Power substation automation and integration features are used for enhancing the automation, control and command within substations. This technology is mainly utilized in intelligent electronic devices and electrical distribution systems as well. The devices that are considered electronically intelligent, are used for generating data and the widely used in all machines in substation automation. However, government restrictions and higher level of investment during the initial stages may hamper the market growth.

Nevertheless, the rise in adoption of smart grid infrastructures are propelling the overall market for power system automation and integration. Smart grid infrastructures are considered responsible for replacing the traditional infrastructures of power. The rise in demand for smart grid infrastructures is also attributed to their multifunctional solutions. This is majorly agreed with the advanced convention of communication. Moreover, the global market for power system automation and integration is prophesized to offer lucrative opportunities of growth from the increase in demand of improved grid reliability and efficiency..

Geographically, the market for power system automation and integration market is dominated by North American region with higher CAGR levels. This is owing to the considerably high level of industrial penetration into power substation automation and integration that probably will continue in the years to come.

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