Poor Nutritional Intake can Rob Vision of AMD Patients

According to a recent research, unhealthy diet could result in eye diseases. Dr. Ratnayaka, a lecturer in in Vision Sciences at the University of Southampton. Unhealthy diet contains cholesterol and high fat that could lead to vision loss. She explained how poor nutrition could damage retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells in eye. In addition, she also disclosed a novel treatment route, in which these cells can be rescued before an age-related macular degeneration (AMD) disease develops.

High Fat Diet Disrupts RPE Cells Causing Sight-Loss

High blood pressure, smoking or being overweight along with genetics lead in developing AMD that is an irreversible blinding disease. AMD affects the central vision, which is crucial in recognizing faces and reading. AMD is the key reason behind sight loss in the U.K. were more than 600,000 people are affected.

Relation between unhealthy diet and eye disease are still unknown, which developed the grounds of this research. Scientists are analyzing their relation and poor nutrition could affect RPE cells. As and when AMD develops, it damages RPE cells and make them less effective to support eye’s photoreceptors. The loss of photoreceptors is the prime reason for permanent sight-loss.

This study found that healthy RPE cells are flexible to a certain degree with which they can cope with changing occurring through aging eye. But high fat diet can disrupt this process in RPE cells thus, resulting in subsequently sight-loss and long term damage.

Further research is essential to understand waste disposal system of the RPE. The aim of the research is to reverse the damage in AMD patients through better nutritional interventions. Moreover, development of new therapies along these researches will offer new treatment for few AMD patients.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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