Polyolefin Resin Becoming Popular Alternative to PVC

San Francisco, California, June 16, 2017: TMR Research announces a new report on the global polyolefin resin market. The report sheds light on the polyolefin resin market from various perspectives in order to provide readers with a comprehensive, multifaceted overview of the market. The geographical and competitive dynamics of the global polyolefin market, as well as its hierarchy by various criteria, are assessed in the report, titled ‘Polyolefin Resin Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.’

The global polyolefin resin market has come to the fore in recent years as polyolefins have gained increasing demand as replacement for conventionally used plastics such as polyvinyl chloride. The environmental unviability of PVC is a key factor driving demand from the global polyolefin resin market. Polyolefins such as polypropylene and polyethylene have risen to prominent positions in the global polyolefin market due to their resistance to most chemicals at room temperature, which makes them ideal in a wide range of applications.

Rising demand from the automotive industry is likely to be vital for the global polyolefin resin market in the coming years, as polyolefins are the ideal material in automotive interior design. The light weight and high relative structural strength offered by polyolefins has driven demand from the global polyolefin resin market. The rising awareness about the importance of the weight of a vehicle in determining the nature and volume of pollutants emitted from it is likely to remain the key factor responsible for the rising demand from the polyolefin resin market from the automotive sector, as widespread usage of polyolefins can result in significant cumulative weight savings.

The industrial sector is also a major application segment of the global polyolefin resin market due to the rising preference for polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene due to their structural advantages over polyvinyl chloride. Despite remaining the standard material in large parts of the industrial sector, polyvinyl chloride is likely to suffer from the widespread support for polyolefins, including government backing for the polyolefin resin market.

Regionally, North America is likely to be a key market for polyolefin resins due to the steady growth of the industrial sector. Emerging countries in Asia Pacific are also likely to feature prominently in the future growth trajectory of the global polyolefin resin market due to the rapid growth of the automotive industry as well as the sustained government support for development of the industrial sector.

Leading players in the global polyolefin resin market are profiled in the report in order to provide readers with a clear picture of the competitive dynamics of the market. Key companies examined in the report include The Dow Chemical Company, China National Petroleum Corporation, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, LyondellBasell Industries NV, and Dupont.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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