Plummeting Fossil Fuel Resources to Boost Global Bio Ammonia Market

Bio ammonia can be described as anhydrous ammonia which is manufactured by natural sources such as corn biomass and woody biomass. The global bio ammonia market is likely to grow in the coming years owing to its environment friendly properties. The desire to mitigate carbon footprint by ammonia manufacturer has paved way for bio ammonia. Contemplating immense opportunity in the global bio ammonia market key players are looking forward to increase their production. For instance, SynGest Inc. a bio-ammonia manufacturing company in San Francisco is planning to expand their manufacturing unit in lowa. This is because lowa Power Fund board approved US$ 2.5 million funds for expansion. The new bio plant will produce more 50 thousand tons of bio ammonia every year. Some other factors which may influence growth in the global bio ammonia market.

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• One of the primary factors driving growth of the global bio ammonia market is environmental advantages of the product. The manufacturing of bio ammonia reduces CO2 emission to a great extent. Further, the overall cost of manufacturing bio ammonia is low as compared to regular ammonia. This is manufactured using woody biomass which is easily avaible. These factors could trigger growth in the bio ammonia market.
• The growing awareness about the hazardous effect of ammonia is fueling the global bio ammonia market. The end-use industries such as agriculture is looking for a shift from chemical-based fertilizers. The introduction of bio-fertilizers such as bio ammonia is a promising move for farmers.
• Increasing depletion of fossil fuels is triggering the demand for renewable fuels such as bio ammonia. The growing awareness among end use industries to mitigateconsumption of fossil fuels is expected to boost the global bio ammonia market in the upcoming year.

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