Platelet Agitators Market to Undertake Strapping Growth by the End 2025

Platelets are important factors of the blood. Their primary function is to prevent bleeding. Platelets separated from blood using apheresis or other separation techniques are administered to patients with severe bleeding disorders. Platelets are viable when kept stable and tend to clump, losing their functionality thus, platelets need to be stored in continuous motion at a controlled temperature to maintain viability and avoid clumping. Platelets agitators offer continuous agitation at preset oscillations. These agitators are compatible with incubators, which are used to maintain controlled temperatures during storage. Modern agitators have inbuilt incubation facility. Platelets need to be stored in these temperature controlled agitators from the moment of their separation from whole blood till administration to a patient. Other agents such as nutrients and stabilizers are also used to maintain viability of platelets.

Platelets are used for various chronic bleeding and abnormal platelet function disorders. These are also used during chemotherapy and other therapies. Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases such as autoimmune hematological diseases, cancer, and others is projected to drive consumption of platelets. This in turn is anticipated to augment the Platelet Agitators Market during the forecast period. Several key players operating in the blood products market are expanding their base. Moreover, regional governing bodies are increasing their expenditure on health care infrastructure development. These factors are expected to propel the market. However, scattered market, presence of various regional and local players, and non-unanimous guidelines on platelet agitator design and function are poised to hamper market growth.

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The global platelet agitators market has been segmented based on product, technology, design, end-user, and region. In terms of product, the market has been categorized into conventional agitators and agitators with incubation. Based on technology, the market has been segmented into circular agitators and linear agitators. Circular oscillating agitators have proven to be more efficient in offering better viability of platelets. The segment is anticipated to witness strong growth during the forecast period. In terms of design, the global platelet agitators market has been bifurcated into bench top and floor-standing platelet agitators. Bench top agitators are predominantly used in laboratories and small blood collection centers. Most of the floor-standing agitators have inbuilt incubation facility which is likely to increase their preference during the forecast period. Based on end-user, the global market has been segmented into blood collection centers, hospitals, and others. The others segment includes research laboratories and academic institutes. The blood collection centers segment is projected to capture significant share of the global platelet agitators market during the forecast period.

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