Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market | Latest Trends and Cardinal Growth Prospects

A growing sector of the plastics industry, plastic injection molding is the most common process used to produce plastic parts. The process of plastic injection molding is fast, meant to produce large quantities of the same plastic product in a short time span. Nowadays, the materials used are for instance thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomer, and/or metal(s). High-performance plastics that can withstand high temperatures are replacing the metals that are traditionally used in plastic manufacturing.

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The application of plastic injection molding is widely used in the production of plastic parts – from medical equipment to toys. In the aerospace industry and particularly the automotive industry, many parts are made with plastic injection molding. Take a moment to look around you. There’s probably a plastic object nearby. Very likely made by an injection molding machine.

Growing Changes in Industry Shaping Market Growth

The injection molding industry has seen a number of changes in recent years, including faster time to market. One of the key business strategies for plastic injection molders is to work with tooling partners to decrease lead times. The basic manufacturing process of injection molding: plastic is melted in the plastic injection moulding machine and then injected into a mold under high pressure. There, the material is cooled, solidified and afterwards released by opening the two halves of the mold. This technique results in a plastic product with a predetermined, fixed form.

To facilitate production, the parts that play a role in the plastic injection moulding process must be carefully designed. The products made by plastic injection molding machines are first designed by an industrial engineer or a designer. Then, a moldmaker creates the mold – usually from steel or aluminum. This toolmaker takes all essential conditions into account: The material that is used for the end product, the features of the product; but also the material of the mold and the properties of the plastic injection molding machine.

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