Plastic Decking Market : Becoming Extremely Popular Due to Resistance to Fading, Splintering, and Mositure

Transparency Market Research has published a new report, titled “Plastic Decking Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024.” Plastic decking has become extremely popular over the past few years in the construction industry for crafting rails and balusters, residential decking boards, door components, window lineal, sliding, and fencing and this is anticipated to be the primary reason behind the growth of this market, as per the report. Another important factor which is anticipated to ensure that the growth of this market continues even in the future years is the durability of plastic decking.

Also, plastic decking are stain resistant, require low maintenance, and do not need finishing. Plastic decking remains unaffected by splintering, and are resistant to moisture. They also do not fade easily and an account of all these factors, plastic decking is gaining traction within the decking market. There is a growing demand for superior quality decks which require low maintenance, and are cost-effective, within the construction industry and plastic decking has emerged as an ideal solution.

However, there are a few factors which are hindering the adoption of plastic decking. One of the key factors acting as a challenge is the expansion and contraction of plastic decks in certain climates which results in joints becoming lose, thereby making them and stable. Extreme Hot climates can make plastic decks extremely hot making them radiate heat and subsequently make them uncomfortable. On a positive note however, it is expected that the impact of this restraint will reduce as manufacturers are investing extensively on research and development so as to come up with improved and better products which will help this market to grow.

On the basis of geography, it is anticipated that North America will account for the highest demand for plastic decks in the years to come on a condo a rising demand for low maintenance building products. This region also witnesses stringent norms regarding the use of wood and therefore plastic emerges as one of low cost substitutes with many benefits. Europe is also witnessing a swift uptake of plastic decking within the construction industry. Apart from these two regions, asia-pacific is expected to expand at a promising rate on account of its version in construction sector, fast-paced urbanization, and a surgeon the renovation and new house projects which will create a heightened demand 4 plastic decking.

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By composite type, the capped composite decking segment is leading on account of its resistance to color fading as well as a rotting. Moreover, capped composite decking prevent the growth of mold and mildew on account of the protective coating of UV inhibitors and antioxidants, and this will ensure that the demand for this type of decking is high. The demand for uncapped Composites is diminishing on account of its vulnerability to fading, staining, growth of mold and mildew. On the basis of type of polymer, the global plastic decking market is segmented into PP, PVC, LDPE, and HDPE. Of these, the highest demand is for the HDPE polymer due to the high strength as well as stiffness of this type of polymer which makes them suitable for use in the residential sector. The strength enhancing additives which are present in LDPE is making them popular for manufacturing decking products, apart from HDPE polymer.

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