Placing into Perspective – Cloud Technology in Telecom Cloud Billing Market

Cloud computing being looked as a mainstream IT strategy is leading to growth in the global telecom cloud billing market. It is set to chart an impressive CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) over the coming few years by bringing in important modifications in the landscape. This growth will translate into two major outcomes. One would be generation of lucrative opportunities that players would hustle to make the most of and, two is that it will lead to positive contribution towards market worth.

Seen as transformative in terms of improvements in billing concepts, it is actually a perfect solution to IT resources scalability (over the web) in terms of being a service.  It is the future of billing in terms of bringing to the table agility, flexibility and in times to come, it will be an affordable solution as compared to traditional options.

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The global telecom cloud billing market will be driven by businesses striving to give superior customer care service too. As they move towards a holistic customer service approach, bringing about seamless user experience, customer management will dominate the market landscape. It is primarily because for any business to be successful, it is required for it to retain consumers, while cutting costs associated with operations and administration.

And, as the world witnesses rise in subscription models and auto billings, the market would only see an upward growth trajectory over the coming years. It is attributable to the fact that IP based mobile technology helps addressing concerns related to costs and services better. Besides, there are the benefits of flexibility and reliability in billing operations.

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Adding to this upward slope are also factors like development in cloud technology and presence of a good number of service providers. Also, there is observed a rising number of mobile phone subscribers in the market.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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