Pharmaceutical to Endow Sizable Revenue Streams to Evaporator Market Stakeholders

Evaporators find use in a wide range of air conditioning systems. In industrial applications, evaporators are utilized in the various stages of industrial processing units. Some of the key end-use industries generating potential opportunity in the evaporator market are electronics and semiconductor, food and beverages, chemical synthesis, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, water treatment, and agrochemicals.

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Most prominently, evaporator systems are made to operate in various temperature range. Most prominently, evaporators are being employed in pharmaceutical and food processing units. For instance, rotary evaporators in herbal drug manufacturing. The system boosts the rate of evaporation of solvents. In recent years, extensive research has been made in developing the capabilities of rotatory evaporators. Improving the heat transfer is one of the processes. Researchers are keenly testing different modeling approaches to develop evaporator systems where all components work at optimal rates.

Prospects Driven by Numerous Application Areas

The rise in deployment of evaporators in agrochemicals processing is one of the key trends in the expansion of the evaporator market. The burgeoning demand for dairy products and confectioneries has spurred the application, thereby boosting the expansion of the market.

The use of evaporators in petrochemicals has been prominent. Oil and gas processing units employ technologically advanced evaporators to improve the final yield. Another promising area is semiconductor. Original equipment manufacturers are keen on unveiling evaporators that have high energu efficiency and are cost-effective to maintain for industries. Further, there is an unmet demand for scalable evaporator systems. Another application area that might emerge as the major revenue generator in the evaporation market is water purification in industrial plants.

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Some of the key players in the evaporator market are Kärcher, Novasep, BUCHI Corporation, Tokyo Rikakikai, Thermex Ltd., Maxxtec GmbH, Condorchem Envitech, OKO-Tech, ENCON, GEA Group, and SUEZ.

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