Pharmaceutical Glass Ampoules Market to Benefit from Advances in Primary Packaging Materials

Advances in pharmaceutical packaging processes have propelled the development of new materials. Pharmaceutical glass ampoules are being widely used for the primary packaging of a range of drugs. The array of new shapes in pharmaceutical ampoules is expanding, and manufacturers focus on offering pharma companies products that comply with different regulations such as EP/USP/JP. Two popular key types of pharmaceutical glass ampoules are flint and amber glass. Various criteria are considered by drug companies to choose the right materials for the packaging. For one, they will adopt materials that prevents any sort of contamination, improve the shelf life, and helps maintain the integrity of the formulations.

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In recent years, a growing number of pharma packaging companies also aim at catering to the demand for customized shapes. One of the key aspects that shape the contours of the pharmaceutical glass ampoules market is the constant advancements in manufacturing facilities. A case in point is the growing deployment of high-speed filling lines. Such developments help churn out new geometries and more versatile packaging, thereby expanding the avenue in the pharmaceutical glass ampoules market.

Packaging Brands Keen on Expanding Portfolio

Numerous players have been successfully expanding the portfolio to address emerging needs of pharma manufacturers. They are sticking to ISO types. Prominent players are keen on strategic collaborations to stay ahead of the curve in the pharmaceutical glass ampoules market. Growing prevalence of chronic diseases is a key trend bolstering the demand for new packaging types in the market. Recent months have seen the demand for new glass packaging for COVID-19 vaccines. The developed world will show a rise in demand coming from the development of biological drugs. Several of these are in the pipeline.

Some of the key players in the pharmaceutical glass ampoules market are Birgi Mefar Group, Crestani S.R.L., Gerresheimer AG, AAPL Solutions, and Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co. Ltd..

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