Pediatric Hospitals to Emerge as Key Users of Virtual Reality Tools

Virtual reality (VR) has emerged as a popular technology that has an ever-expanding array of applications including clinical trials. The technology at present finds its usage in pediatric healthcare centers. Compulsory yet distressing and painful medical procedures are experienced by children every day. Only a handful of non-pharmaceutical involvements have been successful in managing that anxiety and pain. Virtual reality has since emerged as one such tool to address these issues.

Study Successfully Reveals Use of VR in Pain Management

A study was recently undertaken by the researchers of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to find out if virtual reality (VR) can be used effectively in managing pain while drawing blood. The results of the study as published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology reveal that VR substantially diminishes the perception of severe pain, distress, and anxiety for the patients and their parents alike.

Jeffrey I. Gold, the Director of the department of Pediatric Pain Management Clinic, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles opined that the very engaging nature of VR technology has the capability of acting as a preventive intervention, thereby subsequently reducing the pain associated with the process of drawing blood. Patients aged between 10 and 21 years, their caregivers, and the phlebotomist of the outpatient blood draw unit were used for the study.

With the substantially rising concern about the problematic use of opioid, nan-pharmaceutical inventions that are based on evidence are likely to result in the use of VR for the management of pain at the time of specific medical procedures thereby reducing the need for narcotics.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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