Patient Engagement Solutions Market in 2021 – Detailed Analysis Report

Patient-centred care is fast becoming a key pillar of all healthcare systems, with patient engagement being at the core of the concept. Patient engagements solutions have gathered immense traction among healthcare providers and patient populations alike in recent times, especially after the Covid-19 has struck. Two key propositions that underlie the growing market scope of patient engagement solutions. These are improved patient access to quality medical care in all its aspects, and enabler for improvement in clinical practices on the other end of the spectrum. The growing trend of remote consultation and monitoring is a key dynamic shaping demand for online platforms.

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Integrated Frameworks Hold Promising Potential

The ecosystem of the market has made advances in the direction of an integrated framework that intertwines various electronic health records (EHRs). These initiatives have gathered momentum notably in hospital setting, where hospitals are keen on adopting patient engagement tools to boost the continuum of care.

Constant Advancements in Functionality and User Interfaces Bolster Demand

In the times of Covid-19 the demand for informed clinical decisions has risen more than ever, with virtual patient care making rapid inroads. mHealth apps have proliferated on the back of these needs. Patient engagement apps are expected to be become more popular with time, on account of the relentless product advancements in product hardware and the software. 

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Developers are keen on improving user interfaces to meet the requirements of patients across demographics. The focus for many is elderly patients, given the fact that oftentimes they rely on caregivers to meet their health needs. The ease of scheduling and payment in these online portals. On the other hand, clinicians have easy access to comprehensive history of patient’s diagnostics and treatments, thereby helping them make better prognosis. A key aspect that is and will remain a crucial part of product development in the market is whether the solutions meet regulatory standards. Healthcare organizations are keen on adopting solutions that meet the latest norms of the sector.

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