Passive Social Media Use Can Disrupt Mental Wellbeing

Social media has now become an integral part of our lives. A visit to a doctor to parting in a pub, all is updated on social media. Facebook and Twitter are places where people interact, share, and comment. However, the growing popularity might also have some ill or harmful effects on the users. A correlation between the passive use of social media and few depression symptoms were found. These results came in the recent research study conducted by the University of Amsterdam. The findings of the study published in the Experimental Psychology Journal.

Passive Social Media Use Gradually Disrupting Individual’s State Of Mind

Scrolling on social media sites is one of the various famous trends. This aimless scrolling is known as passive social media use (PSMU). It is mostly done due to boredom, which eats up most of the time in an entire day. Experimental research has shown that PSMU can decrease affective wellbeing and hamper life satisfaction and sense of belonging.

Moreover, a team of researchers led by UvA recruited 125 students measured the relation between PSMU and wellbeing. The research carried out for 14 days and seven times a day. They also used a special app that helped in completing a 12-item depression questionnaire. The UvA’s Psychosystems Group analyzed the answers.

However, the result showed that engaging in PSMU wouldn’t predict depression. But noticeable relation was seen between increased social media use and negative well-being. At particular intervals, feeling of loneliness and fatigue might led to depression after some time. Moreover, it was also analyzed that PSMU can led to concentration problems, loss of interest, and loneliness. However, the scope of further research persists.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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