Particle Physics Researchers Design Easier Ventilator for COVID-19 Patients

In the current situation with COVID- 19 plaguing the planet, researchers, scientists, from nearly every field have joined the bandwagon to fight the pandemic. In this fight, a team of researchers of particle physics have put their research on dark matter on hold to focus on to serve the needs of victims of this pandemic. The focus of this team is to mainly help victims with breathing issues.

Clinically, COVID-19, in severe cases, pneumonia may require mechanical ventilation for patients. But in the exponentially rising demand currently, the supply of ventilators worldwide is insufficient.

“The public healthcare system in Lombardy which is one of the strongest in Europe is near the point of buckling,” said the researcher at Princeton University who led the study for design of a simplified mechanical ventilator. The ventilator thus designed can be mass produced using simple readily available parts.

Design Involves Brains of Top-rated Particle Physics Researchers

The team that includes 250+ physicists, engineers, physicians, and other experts from 12 countries worldwide call their equipment Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM). For functioning, electricity and a source of compressed oxygen is all that the device requires. The control and monitoring unit at the heart of the device are currently being developed and programmed. Best developers from particle physics laboratories in some developed nations are involved in this pursuit.

Whilst it sounds odd for a dark matter physicist to get involved in medical manufacturing, it makes sense when learned from a different perspective. These individuals expert at constructing sensitive instruments for compressed argon took up to experiment these equipment with compressed nitrogen and oxygen.

Meanwhile, the lead researcher and his team of DarkSide – 20K involved in the manufacture of simplified mechanical ventilator have 15 years’ experience with design and manufacture of mechanical equipment. The one that uses a highly pressurized form of a noble gas to discover a dark matter particle.

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