Particle Counter Market Gains Valuation from Rise in Uptake in Semiconductor and Medical Industries

Particle counters are used in particle counting in cleanroom environments. The particle counter market has made constant strides riding on the back of the continuous evolution of regulatory frameworks around the world. End use industries such as medical and semiconductor manufacturing are increasingly benefitting from the growing array of easy-to-use and reliable instrumentation. The growing demand for portable instrumentation with real-time capabilities is a key trend that is shaping the product development avenues in various end-use industries including in manufacturing healthcare products. In the segment, paediatrics is a promising avenue.

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Manufacturers Focus on Meeting Regulatory Compliance in End-Use Industries

Change in regulatory norms on the back of new dynamics in contract research organizations are shaping the investment avenues by OEMs in the particle counter market. They are constantly leaning on integrating cutting-edge hardware and high-end software. An instance is the focus on simplifying the sampling processes. The use of better data integrity capabilities allow end users to meet currently prevailing regional regulations. In this regard, use of software that integrates the different capabilities has gathered attention among top manufacturers. 

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ISO compliant devices are expected to expand the sales prospect of the particle counter market. A case in point is ISO 21501-4 regulations for particle measuring systems. Over the years, there is an increased adoption of devices that enable a rapid testing of quite large volumes. Advances in instrument calibration procedures are key to improving the capabilities of particle counters substantially. Over the years, there has been use of these in less stringent cleanroom environments, such as in monitoring of water quality and air pollution levels.

Some of the key players in the particle counter market are Beckman Coulter, Kanomax USA, Inc., Particles Plus, Inc., Climet Instruments Co, and TSI Incorporated.

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