Global Salesforce Services Market to be shaped by Technological Progress

In today’s fast moving world, every company strives to offer enhanced and connected customer experience, across various channels and departments of the organization. Providers of salesforce service are making an offer of end-to-end support to the consumers. These services are customized to meet up with the various needs of the consumers. The growth of the global salesforce services market is estimated to expand on the back of high demand arising from various end use sectors.

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Increased Focus on Customer Satisfaction to Augment Demand

Supporting various technological advancements made in the sector, the global salesforce services market is likely to make rapid strides along its growth trajectory during the analysis period. Business enterprises are slowly moving away from various entirely on-premise solutions, thereby making way for three different emerging and rapidly evolving cloud computing services, which are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Salesforce services and other such CRM tools are utilized by enterprises of all sizes, thanks to their several beneficial features and compatibility. These services make an offering of feasible solutions to meet up with the varied and rising demand of the consumers spread all over the world.

Customers come from diverse backgrounds, from sales to finance to marketing. Various services such as artificial intelligence solutions, mobile solutions, and internet of things (IoT) are provided by salesforce services. All these factors are estimated to open up new growth avenues of the global salesforce services market in the near future. Growing use of these services in many organizations is likely to augur well for the market over the period of analysis. The providers of these services have shifted their focus on offering exclusive and customized user experience in an effort to leverage benefits of the technology and maximize profit. 

Various sectors, particularly in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector, there has been a rise in the increased adoption of salesforce services. This trend is expected to go one in the near future.

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Multiple Health Benefits to Help Global Malonic Acid Market Flourish

Malonic acid refers to a chemical, which contains the chemical formula of C3H4O4. This acid is a dicarboxylic acid that behaves in a fashion that is similar to monocarboxylic acid in terms of behavior and chemical reactivity. Some fruits come with plentiful presence of malonic acid. Fruits that are grown using the techniques of organic farming contain greater presence of malonic acid in them. Organically growth citrus fruits usually have greater presence of malonic acid in them as compared to other circuits fruits that are grown using traditional methods. This acid comes with several health benefits, which is foreseen to encourage expansion of the global malonic acid market during the period of review.

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High Demand from various End Use Industries to Support Such High Market Demand

The uses of malonic acid are multiple and the acid is gaining popularity across various age groups, thanks to the multiple benefits offered by them. Malonic acid finds increasing use in the making of pharmaceutical products. In addition, it is used as precursor in polymers and polyester. Such multiple uses of the chemical is anticipated to amplify growth opportunities of the global malonic acid market in the years to come. Malonic acid is also utilized for regulating acidity. In addition, making of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, and amino acids involve the use of malonic acid, which is estimated to support increasing demand of malonic acid in the coming years.

There has been a rising demand for the acid in the last few years owing to the rise in the consumption of the chemical. Malonic acid is increasingly utilized in the pharmaceutical nd coating industries. Furthermore, it is used in the form of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), which is encouraged by its capability to make many vitamins and Diclazuril. Diclazuril is a non-steroidal and an anti-inflammatory agent. These factors are expected to augur well for the global malonic acid market in the near future.

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New breakthrough Technology uses Sunlight to purify Water

A research team has been successful to convert seawater and brackish water into safe, clean potable water in less than 30 minutes. This has been accomplished using metal-organic frameworks and sunlight.

The discovery is a feat to provide potable water for millions of people around the world. The technique has served to be useful in two ways: generate clean water and perform the task in a more energy-efficient way. First, using the technique, researchers could produce 139.5 liter of clean water for one kilogram of metal organic framework used each day. And, the technique is more efficient than current desalination practices.

New technique adheres to recommended dissolved solids in purified Water

Good quality drinking water should have total dissolved solid of less than 600 parts per million, suggests the World Health Organization. Using the technique, researchers were able to achieve total dissolved solid of less than 500 in only 30 minutes. And, could regenerate the metal-organic framework for reuse in four minutes using sunlight.

This work has opened up a new direction for the design of stimuli-responsive materials that enable sustainable desalination and water purification in an energy-efficient manner.

“Meanwhile, desalination is used to address expanding water shortages globally. Desalination is reliable, and due to vast sources of seawater and brackish water, treated water can be integrated with existing aquatic systems with minimal health risks,” said the lead author of the study.

However, thermal desalination by evaporation is energy-intensive, and using other technologies such as reverse osmosis has several drawbacks. This includes high energy consumption and chemical usage in dechlorination and membrane cleaning.

Sunlight is the most abundantly available renewable source of energy on Earth. The development of a new adsorbent-based desalination process using sunlight for regeneration serves to be an environmentally-sustainable and energy-efficient solution for desalination.

Food Companies Using Resistant Starch to Promote Human Health

Resistant starch has been an extensive researched market in food science and nutrition over at least seven years. The vast drive emanates from the potential resistant starch holds for promoting human health. In particular, businesses have been harnessing its potential in managing range of chronic diseases such as obesity, colon cancer, and diabetes. Providers of novel plants and starches have teamed up with food companies to expand their portfolio of resistant starch. Majorly, there are five types of resistant starch, and each attracts extensive research interest worldwide. In particular, botanical resistant starch has been intensively studied by industry players seeking new opportunities in the resistant starch market.

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These starches are resistant to digestive enzymes in intestines and later fermented by microbiota. Hence, they are considered as a promising nutritional intervention for managing numerous chronic health conditions. Countries such as the U.S. have been at the forefront of boosting research and development activities to increase the share of resistant starch in various food products.

Role of Resistant Starch in Diabetes Being Intensively Studied

The role of resistant starch has been studied in both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, hence expanding the revenues in the resistant starch market. In the former, they play a part in preventing vitamin D deficiency, whereas in the latter their role is to fight against insulin resistance. Their role in managing the cholesterol levels has led functional food companies market it as obesity management diet.

Among the various key geographies where the revenue streams are found, Asia Pacific is a key region in the global resistant starch market. The growth momentum is largely underpinned by growing consumer awareness about health and wellness. Moreover, increasing trust of consumers in adopting nutritional intervention strategies to fight against a range chronic diseases is also boosting growth. Further, functional food companies are setting their sights in untapped markets in Asia Pacific, thus reinforcing the overall revenue potential in the market.

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