Study suggests ways to boost functional properties of nanotube fibers

Researchers at Rice University are working to close the gap between the strength of carbon nanotube fibers and the nanotubes they contain. In a bid for this, a team of researchers at the Brown School of Engineering, Rice University have developed a computational model. The model establishes that universal scaling relationship between nanotube length and fraction between them are parameters that can be used for fine tuning of the properties of the fiber for strength.

Interestingly, the model is a tool for engineers and scientists who develop conductive fibers for automotive, aerospace, medical, and textile applications such as smart clothing. Meanwhile, carbon nanotube fibers have been considered as a possible basis for space elevator, according to a study termed Yakobson.

As known, solitary carbon nanotubes are essentially rolled-up tubes of graphene, which is one of the strongest materials known. Meanwhile, since 2013, a number of research labs including at Rice have been bundling carbon nanotubes. This reveals its threadlike fibers are far weaker, approximately one-hundredth the strength of individual tubes.

Physical Strength of Solitary nanotube notably greater than its products

“In fact, one single nanotube is the strongest thing that can be imagined, because of its extremely strong carbon-carbon bonds, said of the associates of the study. However, when things are fabricated out of nanotubes, their strength is much weaker than expected. This poses a question, and what can be done to solve this disparity.

Meanwhile, the model demonstrates a number of facts of functional properties of nanotubes. The length of nanotubes, and friction between them are the best to understand overall fiber strength. The model further suggests strategies to improve the properties of nanotubes. The use of longer nanotubes is a simple solution for this.

Growing Adoption of Advanced Technologies in Healthcare Sector Drives Sales Opportunities for Healthcare Analytics Market Players

The worldwide healthcare sector is growing focus toward incorporating advanced technologies in order to provide superior healthcare services for patients. Healthcare analytics one of such advanced technology gaining tremendous popularity as it holds an ability to help in making more efficient and effective clinical and operational decisions. The global healthcare analytics market is likely to show prodigious expansion avenues in the forthcoming years. One of the key drivers for this growth is the increasing commercialization of the worldwide healthcare sector. 

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Healthcare analytics refers to a process that studies present as well as historical industry data and helps in the prediction of upcoming trends, extends outreach, and even better management of the diseases spread. The global healthcare analytics market is expected to experience prominent growth avenues in the years ahead. One of the key factors driving this growth is growing digital transformation initiatives taken by the worldwide healthcare sector.

The companies working in the global healthcare analytics market are growing interest in merger and acquisition activities. These strategies are helping them to expand their product offerings. This scenario shows that the market for healthcare analytics holds promising growth avenues in the forthcoming years.

Growing Adoption of Advanced Models of Care Delivery Fuels Market Demand

In recent period, the medical and healthcare industries across the globe are growing the use of advanced models for delivery of care. This factor is expected to boost stupendous growth opportunities in the global healthcare analytics market in the years to follow. The expansion of a data-centric healthcare domain is expected to offer benefits to numerous entities such as government bodies, healthcare decision makers, and stakeholders. As a result, the concept of healthcare analytics is gathering the support of numerous heads within the sector. Owing to this factor, the global healthcare analytics market is projected to show growth at moderate pace in the forthcoming years.

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Need for Process Optimization to Increase the Use of Process Analyzers across the Industrial Sector

The domain of process analysers has undergone formidable advancements in recent times, mainly due to the quest of the industrial sector to acquire accuracy in manufacturing. The global industrial manufacturing domain is endorsing new technologies and aids with the intent to ramp up its bar of quality. Several new industrial technologies such as internet of industrial things and machine learning have been inducted into the functional fabric of the industrial sector. This is an important consideration for the vendors operating in the global process analysers market. Over the course of the next decade, the total volume of revenues flowing into the global process analysers market is slated to increase.

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In this blog released by TMR Research, a number of visible trends and opportunities pertaining to market growth have been enunciated.

Chemical Engineering to Gather Momentum

The recent uptick in the use of various new chemicals for research experiments has generated stellar demand within the global market. The analysis of industrial processes such as study of chemical proportions can be done with the help of process analysers. This is a key driver of demand within the global process analysers market. The quest of the industrial sector to cause continuous upticks in quality has played a major role in driving sales across the global process analysers market.

Need for Process Optimization

Industrial units are continuously looking at elevating their bar of knowledge with regard to process optimization. This in turn helps them in reducing expenses of arbitrary nature. The use of process analysers can help in heeding to both of the aforementioned requirements. Therefore, the total volume of revenues flowing into the global process analysers market is set to increase in the years to follow. In addition to this, asset protection across the industrial sector can also be accomplished with the help of these technologies.

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Growing Awareness about Physical Therapy Services to Drive Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Solutions Market

Physical therapy services assists in the promotion of wellness and health and these are exercises that are designed specially to help patients gain improved physical abilities. Patients affected by musculoskeletal birth defects or effect of any surgery or injury due to stroke receive physical therapy. These therapists are capable of assisting people of any age group to better physical abilities, which is estimated to foster growth of the global physical therapy rehabilitation solutions market in the near future.

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Physical therapy rehabilitation solutions are low cost treatment solutions is likely to augur well for the market. In addition, increasing approvals for innovative solutions of virtual physical therapy and product launches are expected to work in favor of the global physical therapy rehabilitation solutions market in the forthcoming years. Collaborations and increasing number of alliances between several market players are foreseen to bode well for the market in the near future.

Ability to Improve Overall Quality of Certain Patients’ Life to Accentuate Demand

The growth of the global physical therapy rehabilitation solutions market is estimated to be influenced by the progress made in the medical technologies. Developments in medical technologies have assisted in achieving improved rate of survival of stroke and trauma victims, and better survival rate of premature infants. These therapies assist in the restoration of overall quality of patient’s life by taking care of emotional, psychological, physical, and social wellbeing.

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Increased awareness about the significance of physical therapies giving results without side effects is anticipated to foster development of the global physical therapy rehabilitation solutions market in the near future. Such services are given to patients in a wide variety of settings, such as outpatient clinics, hospitals, and in private practices. Demand for such services has been on the rise in various secondary and elementary schools meant for special education students.