Orthopedic Imaging Equipment Gets Smarter following Recent Advances

San Francisco, California, May 31, 2018: Recent technological advances have paved way for improvement over X-rays or conventional fluoroscopy. Besides this the incidence of bone injuries have surged over the years. The current situation is therefore ideal for growth of the orthopedic imaging equipment market. TMR Research has added to its repertoire a report, titled “Orthopedic Imaging Equipment Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” which offers a comprehensive overview of the market. It includes valuable data to support tactical and strategic decision-making. According to the report, innovations in imaging equipment enable more accurate examination of implant position and bone detail, which is touted as a chief growth driver.

The advent of 3D holographic imaging has revolutionized medical imaging. It has made possible to easily convert data obtained via magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and 2D CT scan into interactive virtual reality images. This development provides for more accurate orthopedic images. As people around the world are more willing than ever to spend on advanced diagnosis and treatment, manufacturers are impelled to incorporate these advances in their products. This is done with an aim of gaining a competitive edge. For instance, GE Healthcare introduced Innova CT HD, which is computed tomography. Several companies have joined the bandwagon to pioneer the prevailing trend and offer 3D imaging solutions.

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Because of the nature of this innovation, the developed countries are at the fore of adopting it. As per TMR Research, countries in North America will showcase rising demand for orthopedic imaging equipment in the coming years. Furthermore, several prominent names in the orthopedic imaging equipment market are domiciled in North America, which gives thrust to growth witnessed in the region. The presence of a sophisticated healthcare infrastructure also aids expansion of the orthopedic imaging equipment market in Europe and North America. Other factors supporting the market’s trajectory worldwide include the launch of latest technologies, increasing approvals by international institutions, and the rising healthcare expenditure.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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