Organoids Market Rides High on the Need to Replace Animals in Laboratory Testing

organoids market

Traditional methods of drug discovery have proved to be insufficient and are of lesser relevance to the rapid pace of evolving life science research and development. Rise in the number of failures in human pre-clinical trials has prompted researchers and academicians to explore possibilities intxo organoid models. Such new avenues are offer opportunities for potential regenerative mediation research and toxicology research. This generates increased demand for organoids. In addition, a large number of animals are being used for research and testing purposes, which has generated several initiatives and campaigns questioning such a practice on moral grounds.

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Organoids come to rescue at such a juncture. They are likely to replace animals as testing models in laboratories. With increased initiatives and support that limit the use of animals as laboratory testing model, the global organoids market is likely to rise at a considerable growth rate. The growing research and development activities substituting models of animals are other growth factors for the global organoids market.

Replication of Complexities of Organs to Foster Growth of Organoid Market

Scientists have figured out ways to culture organ-specific tissues from stem cells, which could totally change the way diseases are treated and studied. Organoids are self-organized, tiny and three-dimensional tissue cultures extracted from stem cells. These cultures are crafted in such a way that they replicate most of the complexities of an organ or they could produce only certain types of cells or express certain facets of an organ.

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In the last few years, the global organoids market has gathered substantial traction amongst the research groups working on advanced 3D cell culture. Attainment of greater degree of similarities with certain cell structure of a specific organ is one of the key growth factors for the global organoids market. Organoids are utilized screening of cell toxicity, organ specific cell functions, and cell-based assays. Ability to replicate certain cells of organs is one of the major growth factors for the global organoids market.

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