Organic Semiconductors can help in Developing Resilient Electronic Devices

Organic Semiconductors

A research led at Rutgers University looks into the distinct properties of organically-manufactured semiconductors. The research finds that the speed of electricity-flow doubles inside bent semiconductors. Additionally, these semiconductors made of from organic materials can help in improving electronic manufacturing. Development of next-generation electronic devices, including solar cells and electric sensors, can be achieved through organic semiconductors. Meanwhile, findings of the new research published in the Advanced Science journal. A slight level of bendability in semiconductors can go a long way in accelerating electrical conductivity. Use of this technique in electrical circuits can, therefore, help in developing high-performance organic semiconductors.

 Dynamics of Electricity Flow in Organic Semiconductors

Semiconductors are made up of a number of elements and materials that can conduct electricity. Besides, the electrical conductivity of semiconductors can be scaled with the help of an external stimuli. Henceforth, the use of semiconductors in electronic manufacturing is an indispensable feat. Organic semiconductors consist of hydrogen and carbon atoms that collectively build organic molecules. These molecules form Van der Waals, a distinct type of flexible molecular crystals. Use of these crystals in optoelectronics is an important consideration for researchers in the electronics industry. Manufacturing of sensors, printed electronics, and solar cells could witness key improvements with the implementation of these research findings.

 Supremacy of Traditional Semiconductors

 Organic semiconductors overcome several limitations of traditional semiconductors. The high cost of the latter poses several challenges for manufacturers, sellers, and consumers of electronic devices. Furthermore, rigidity of traditional semiconductors can reduce their life and durability. Organic semiconductors are cost-efficient and can last for longer durations of time. The high speed of electricity flowing through organic semiconductors can help in manufacturing resilient electronic devices. The findings of the researchers can be a launch pad for several other developments in electronic manufacturing.

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