Optimizing Solar Technologies Using Cadmium Telluride Crystals

Solar Technologies

A team of researchers at Washington State University has made a new breakthrough towards optimization of solar energy. The researchers developed a safe, efficient, and cost-effective technique to produce cadmium telluride (CdTe) for solar cells. Besides, the new technique finds use to manufacture CdTe for several other applications. The findings of the researchers can open new opportunities for advancement within the solar industry. Researchers demonstrated their technique to develop a kilogram-sized crystal of high-purity Cadmium Telluride. The technique can produce CdTe material at splendid speeds. The findings of the research published in the Journal of Crystal Growth. Researchers worked in collaboration with their industry partner, Nious Technologies Inc., and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

 Premium Advantages of Using CdTe Materials

 The technique uses high-pressure furnaces in order to produce CdTe materials in high volumes. Researchers assert that the technique is 45% more efficient than other techniques for producing cadmium telluride. Besides, the cost-effectiveness and scalability of the technique adds to its feasibility in the long run. It is expected that the efficiency of CdTe solar technology would outdo natural gas. The electrical properties of materials used in solar cells play an important role in their selection. The crystals produced by CdTe solar technology exhibit better electrical properties than other available means. It is legit to believe that cadmium telluride could extensively be used in the solar sector.

 Supremacy of CdTe over Silicon Solar Cells

 Silicon solar cells find use for power generation since a long time. However, the emergence of CdTe photovoltaics could challenges the popularity of silicon solar cells. Currently, CdTe cells account for only 10% of the total solar market. The producers of CdTe cells are required to expedite operations and customize cells in order to attract increased demand.

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