Optical Sensors Gain More Limelight with Extensive Use of Smartphones

San Francisco, California, November 29, 2017 – The global optical sensors market is prophesied in a publication by TMR Research to gain a strong momentum due to various technological advancements taking shape in the industry in quick succession. Bearing the title, “Optical Sensors Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” the publication continues to point out the rising demand for commercial and residential surveillance systems to provide a fillip to the market. Surveillance systems have been increasingly deployed in response to the growing security concerns. Looking at the ongoing trend of the market, industry players have been anticipated to lay an unwavering focus on product innovation and technological development.

Optical sensors could be highly used for enhancing the capabilities of smart homes, which include gesture recognition, smart appliances, presence detection, smart heating and lighting, touchless or perimeter security controls, and occupancy sensing. Optical sensors have been gaining immense popularity compared to conventional systems because of their unique properties and state-of-the-art capabilities. For instance, optical sensors could regulate electrical output while functioning as a photoelectric trigger whenever there is a change. They could measure and sense changes in several or a single light beam. Furthermore, the electronic signals that they convert light rays into could be read by an instrument.

The world optical sensors market is foreseen to gain traction owing to the swift rollout of 4G in the U.K., the U.S., China, Singapore, and India, making way for a profuse deployment of the LTE technology. Moreover, the rising penetration of tablets and smartphones could add to the impetus of the market. There could be an upward trend in the demand for optical sensors as devices integrated with GPS, image scanners, gesture control, fingerprint scanners, and other features see a consistent rise in their growth.

Another factor foretold to augment the demand in the world optical sensors market could be the surging trend of the application of wearable technology. The growth prospects of the market could continue to increase in the foreseeable future due to the improving momentum of the demand for wearable technology. Optical sensors could be integrated with smart fabrics, heart rate monitors, and smart watches for the purpose of monitoring physical activities on a regular basis. Technological advancement is expected to be a major aspect shaping the competitive landscape of the market. Players have been focusing on the introduction of products that are consistent with the requirements of consumers.

Such strategies have been projected to modernize the development of the international optical sensors market in the near future. In this regard, the growing application of gesture recognition could be a fine instance to follow. The ADUX1020 optical sensor announced by Analog Devices, Inc. last year could improve sensing accuracy and reliability and reduce design cost and complexity at an impressive level. Robotics could be another space that players could wish to cash in on. A soft robotic hand developed by New York’s Cornell University engineers makes use of optical sensors. This technology could find application in the development of advanced prosthetic limbs, upgrading of the assembly line of various products, and surgeon training sessions.

Some of the leading companies operating in the worldwide optical sensors market could be Eaton, Baumer Group, Broadcom, ABB, and Analog Devices. With a view to consolidate their presence in the market, players could concentrate on strategic collaborations with prominent names in the automation and semiconductor industries.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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